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Certified Yoga Teacher Training in Auckland, New Zealand
Integrated, evolutionary and life changing

Are you passionate about yoga and ready to take the step toward further personal transformation? Is it your dream to make a living by doing what you love? Would you like to deeply understand the teachings and practices of the ancient traditions of yoga or become more specialised than you already are? And does being a part of an inclusive and wholesome yogic environment sound good to you? Then the certified Yoga Teacher Training at Kawai Purapura is for you.

Kawai Purapura’s Yoga Alliance registered and recognised yoga school applies yogic wisdom in all areas of life. It offers both 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training modules that prepare you well beyond the mat, so that you will learn to live your yoga. The supportive and nourishing environment encourages you to reach your full potential and experience true unification with the Self, the Supreme and the Universe.

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a foundation for teaching that covers all aspects of yoga practice and prepares you to start a flexible and meaningful career to help others. The training is designed to trigger your development and transformation, facilitating you to emerge as a practitioner and teacher of skill and wisdom.

The 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training runs as two distinct 150 hour modules that can be taken together or separately upon completion of the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. The modules are structured to provide advanced experience and understanding in all aspects of yoga, to evolve as a teacher and to facilitate teaching to all levels and conditions of students.

The Yoga Teacher Training at Kawai Purapura is certificated with Yoga Alliance US. Graduates of the training can apply for international accreditation through Yoga Alliance US, becoming either a RYT200 or a RYT500, depending on the level of training completed.

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Specialised and supportive

Taking on yoga teacher training, whether foundational or specialised, is embarking on an inner journey that is only limited by time and setting. It is a life-changing experience that allows you to travel inside, discover, have breakthroughs and open you to previously unfound pathways, insights, understandings and potential.

Moreover, when in training, the quality of any student is greatly dependent on the quality of his or her teacher. Under these circumstances, both specialist support, stable and experienced, passionate and understanding teachers are essential in a yoga teacher education.

The Yoga Teacher Training at Kawai Purapura consciously provides for one main, highly qualified Senior Lead Trainer that guides you through the training, holds the space for the group and oversees your education. Throughout the training there are a range of excellent guest teachers that help carry the group and lift you to the highest level possible.

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New Zealand’s yoga hub for the conscious soul

The Yoga Teacher Training is held and accommodated at Kawai Purapura, Albany, Auckland – a 20-minute drive from Auckland CBD, 40 minutes by car from Auckland International Airport and, while set in native bush, is just a stroll away from a large shopping mall.

In addition to being a yoga school, Kawai Purapura is both a retreat centre and holistic village located in native New Zealand bush, that offers a natural and tranquil setting for many energetic yoga and spiritual practices, alongside music, dance, healing and natural therapies.

The retreat centre provides for multiple indoor and outdoor workshop spaces, affordable accommodation, lovingly prepared and presented food, self-catering options and free Wi-Fi. It also houses a spa, a natural sauna and non-chlorinated swimming pool. In addition, all guests are welcome to attend the (mostly free) weekly community classes, ranging from yoga, meditation and dance to dharma teachings.

The holistic village consists of a community of 90 residents that live permanently at Kawai Purapura and an ever- changing group of volunteers that live and work in harmony with each other and the environment. The village contributes greatly to the overall character, atmosphere and mainstay of Kawai Purapura.

As a whole, Kawai Purapura is driven by harmonious living with the land; it signifies a haven where nature abounds with mature trees, indigenous birds and flowing streams and brings a sense of being at peace with ourselves and the world surrounding us.

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