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200 hour Integrated Yoga Teacher Training
Live Your Yoga

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is dedicated to helping you establish a solid foundation to becoming an inspiring and skilled teacher. It trains you in the ancient traditional approach to yoga practice and extends your journey into the modern evolutionary pathways of yoga, exploring the richness of the relationship between body, mind and movement. The range and scope of the curriculum is holistic; covering asana, pranayama, meditation, different styles of yoga, lifestyle, home practice and mentorship. You will gain enough in-depth knowledge and understanding of each of the eight limbs of yoga to be able to connect with the origin of yoga and the teacher within.

The quality of any student is greatly dependent on the quality of his or her teacher. The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kawai Purapura consciously provides for one main, highly qualified Lead Teacher who guides you through the training, holds the space for the group and oversees your education. There are a range of excellent Guest Teachers who support your learning and lift you to the highest level possible.

Our Yoga Teachers
  • 1 year or more regular yoga practice: min. 4 times a week, asana / pranayama / meditation practice at home and / or in studio
  • Motivation to evolve and deepen your knowledge
  • Commitment to learning with a high level of self-discipline required for home study and home practice component
  • Ability to read, speak and understand English proficiently
  • Deposit of NZ$ 500.00 once application has been approved

Homework & attendance policy:

  • Home work needs to be submitted in a timely manner; 4 home practice submissions are set during / after the training. Any extension for home practice submission due to exceptional circumstances needs to be applied for in writing.
  • If home work is not submitted in time a penalty of $30 / piece occurs for additional admin and marking fees.
  • Attendance on the training is mandatory for the certification.
  • If extenuating circumstances require that parts of the training are missed the course coordinator needs to be informed as soon as possible.
Course Content

Your learning will include:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Spinal awareness and practices for spinal health
  • Finding the ground; yielding, gravity, breath
  • Alignment principles
  • Art of adjustment and sequencing
  • Pranayama
  • Mantra and meditation
  • Yoga Philosophy and Psychology
  • Teaching skills, communication skills, holding space, finding your voice
  • Building a home practice
  • Yoga applications; yoga in prisons, palliative care and other specialized applications
  • Paths to freedom; Bhakti, Karma, Jnana and Raja yoga practices

The training consists of both, a residential and a home practice component to further develop your teaching and understanding as a teacher. There will be online submissions, using dropbox. Please note that the home practice is an essential part of the training and that timely submissions are expected. Late home practice submissions incur a penalty for administration and marking.

Course material

We ask our students to purchase the following core text book prior to the course:

Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha, Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Yoga Publications Trust

It is available at Kawai Purapura reception.

We will provide you with a student manual. Additional learning material will be shared via dropbox.

Courses in 2020 do not need to purchase the text book as it will be included in the welcome package!

daily schedule

Your daily schedule:

  • 07.00 – 08.15 Morning practice
  • 08.15 – 09.00 Breakfast
  • 09.00 – 09.50 Class review session
  • 10.00 – 11.30 Techniques & methods
  • 11.45 – 13.00 Anatomy & physiology applied
  • 13.00 – 14.00 Lunch break
  • 14.15 – 16.00 Yoga history, philosophy, ethics and lifestyle
  • 16.15 – 18.15 Techniques & teaching methods
  • 18.15 – 19.15 Dinner
  • 19.15 – 20.30 Evening practice / group work / self-study /philoshophy

There is no obligation to stay on-site during your Yoga Teacher Training, however, staying at our smoke, drug and alcohol free retreat, without interruption from the outside world, allows you to fully immerse yourself and adds to the overall experience of your training.

Accommodation options
Course Options

You can choose from:

  • 9 x Weekends 2019 Nine cycles of weekends, beginning Friday evenings from 5pm, finishing Sunday at 5pm. This course is particularly designed to fit the lives of working people and for people who would like a little more time to process and build a solid home practice.
    • 3, 4, 5 May
    • 17, 18, 19 May
    • 31 May, 1, 2 June
    • 21, 22, 23 June
    • 12, 13, 14 July
    • 9, 10, 11 August
    • 23, 24, 25 August
    • 30, 31 August, 1 September
    • 6, 7, 8 September
  • 2 x 9 Days Intensive 2019 Two cycles of nine continuous days of instruction, in which the 200 hours are completed, with 6 weeks break in between. This course is particularly designed for people that would like a bit of both; intensive training and time to process.  The home practice component makes up the balance of the training hours.
    • 14 – 22 Sept 2019 (course starts on 13 September at 5pm)
    • 9 – 17 November 2019 (check-in for those with accommodation on site on the 8 November, course finishes on 17 November at 2pm)
  • 18 Days Intensive 2020 Cycle of 18 continuous days of instruction, in which the 200 hours are completed. This training is particularly designed for people that would like a full on, non-stop training immersion experience. The balance of the training hours are made up in home practice and homework submissions in the 4 weeks after the course.
    • 4 – 21 January 2020 (course starts on 3 Jan at 5pm)

Email the course coordinator for the course information booklet: yogaeducation@kawaipurapura.co.nz

Enrol now

Prices in 2019

  • Early Bird NZ$ 3,095.00 – save NZ$ 500*
  • Full price NZ$ 3,595.00*

*Price includes NZ$500.00 non-refundable deposit.

Price covers course tuition fee only. Various accommodation and catering options are available, please visit our Accommodation and Catering pages for more information.

Prices in 2020

  • Early Bird NZ$ 3’200 – save NZ$ 500*
  • Full price NZ$ 3’700

*Price includes NZ$500.00 non-refundable deposit.

Price covers course tuition fee & course material (core text book, student manual, neti pot). Accommodation & catering is not included. Please visit our Accommodation and Catering pages for more information.

Payment Policy

  • To complete the application process a face to face meeting with the Lead Teacher will be arranged. After the application has been approved a non-refundable deposit of $500 is due in order to secure the spot.
  • Early bird fees must be settled by 60 days prior to the start of each course, otherwise standard course fees apply.
  • Standard course fees must be settled by 30 days prior to the start of each course.
  • Accommodation and catering costs must be settled 14 days prior to the start of the course.
  • Registrations made less than 30 days prior to the start of the course will be considered at the discretion of Kawai Purapura management and yoga teacher training department.
  • Please read our payment, cancellation and deferral policy.

The Prema Charitable Trust has approved a scholarship programme for 1 applicant per Yoga teacher training intake, who can show that they could not complete the course without financial assistance. Please submit your application three months prior to the course to yogaeducation@kawaipurapura.co.nz. Please note that scholarships are given out for one particular training and are not being deferred to another training, even if the training didn’t take place.

This course provided a well-rounded introduction to the foundations of yoga. I would recommend this course for people that desire a holistic approach to understanding and teaching yoga. I feel I have a better understanding of the complete yoga system – Alister

I have been supported, encouraged and challenged in several different ways of thinking. A great variety of teachers, methods and students have set me up well with the foundations to start my teaching practice. I feel that I have been given a good grounding to the start of teaching and have been lead to an open door to find my own teaching path – Katie

I would recommend this course since it has dedicated core teachers, specialised guest teachers and authentic yogic practices, ceremonies and rituals that resonated with my inner truth. – Zoe

The teachers were all very dedicated and I really appreciated all the help, instruction, insights and encouragement. There has been so much knowledge and wisdom shared, and now for me the learning and assimilation of this will begin. Thank you! – Emma

I felt like the 200 hour training was a fantastic introduction to yoga in general – not just for teaching but for personal development. It has shown me how much there is to learn about yoga and made me realise this is just the beginning of my yoga education. I definitely recommend this course for beginners looking to get a high level overview of yoga and some of the different styles and elements. Thank you to all the teachers and particularly Pragyadhara for sharing your knowledge and time with us. This has been a life changing experience. – Angela

For me the extent of my personal transformation and the ripple-on effect into my external life have been profound. I am extremely grateful to everyone here at Kawai Purapura who contributed to my time here and I have found it to be a very supportive, loving and encouraging environment to be in. – Sarah

I’m eternally grateful that I came to the 200 hour YTT. It has been transformative in ways I never imagined and has set the tone for the beginning of a life long yoga journey. The safe space that was provided to me to learn and grow was beautiful and is something I haven’t experienced before. I felt extremely supported and empowered by my teachers and peers. I loved this course so much and will remember this forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you! – Natalie

The course is so good, you are learning in a warm and safe environment. The course gives a good overall insight of yoga, back to the basic. Had a great time and I learned so much. I have definitely grown as a person. – Malou

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