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Project Description

felicity-molloyFelicity is an experienced yoga teacher, dancer and well-being fitness educator of 25 years.
Felicity is one of New Zealand’s most experienced Yoga teachers, educators in natural therapies and well-being fitness educators . Her teaching style is provocative, detailed and provides focus on alignment, coordination and self-awareness. It is based on decades of practice which has deepened her practical understanding of the living human body and embodied knowledge.

She brings to her teaching, professional experience combined with innovation – developing alternative thinking about the human body – from practices of yoga, massage, and a range of contemporary dance.

In the practice of yoga, Felicity imparts this knowledge by inviting students to go deeper into their own practice, to sense into their own feelings within the body, the muscles, and the cells, and connect with the energetic alignment of the body.

Her practice of yoga started when she was 16 years old with her French teacher in high school and led to a deeper understanding of what flexibility meant as a ballet dancer. She continued practicing yoga whilst being a professional dancer as a means of a preventative and stress management strategy. A severe injury and impact of being told she wouldn’t be able to walk if she kept dancing, inspired her to train as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 1990 . Her important teachers, Jon Lebold (Aust), Shador Ramiti (Aus) and Mandy White (NZ) provided her with a sound basis from which she integrated somatic practice, developing a curriculum as part of the Performing and Screen Arts degree programme at Unitec. Her interest in programme development has led her to a Master’s in Education and PhD, emphasizing somatics, and the physiology of emotion and postural memory.

Felicity is gifted in holding ‘presence’ in the classroom and intuitively creating sequences that generate a group synergy while completing the ‘arc’ of the energetic moment. She feels honoured to be able to meet and assist each student from such a place of ‘presence.’

She inspires and encourages yoga teachers to teach with kindness, to be reflective, resilient and steady in their practice. This she feels is the true embodiment of Yoga and a true example to all those embarking on the Yoga journey.