Project Description

leza-vishwatma-schwab-1Leza is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist based in Auckland, New Zealand. As an experienced practitioner of yoga Leza encourages her students to explore and interact with the potential of yoga, using yoga to improve the quality of life every day.
She has spent 20 years practising yoga and 15 years as a teacher. As an experienced yoga teacher Leza uses her traditional and contemporary training to bring a teaching style that suits our modern lifestyle. She has taught in India and Australia. Facilitates and presents at workshops and retreats in New Zealand.

In yoga therapy Leza works with the client in a one off or a series of sessions. In general yoga can enhance physical and emotional well-being. In a therapeutic context yoga therapy works with the individual for deeper transformative effects. Yoga therapy and private sessions can be used for remedial work and recovery; therapeutic process as a relief from chronic or current medical condition; building or refining a personal practice; lifestyle transformation.

Leza about the importance of Yoga Therapeutics: “The therapeutic nature of yoga produces positive results for people — physically, mentally and spiritually. Often there is not a conscious effort on the part of a yoga teacher to provide any additional/specific results for an individual in a  yoga class. These benefits are obtained naturally by the innate power of yoga. That power to bring us to balance in body mind and soul, which in turn brings  about  therapeutic effects.

 As teachers we get to know our students and can suggest practises or adapt the class around those individuals, we may change and adjust a class to suit the needs of the moment. This is what we can offer as good yoga teachers, but often we don’t often have the space to focus on one individual in an open class.  This is where introducing the therapeutic application of yoga goes beyond just being a good, supportive teacher.

In yoga therapy we work with individuals not conditions, we are using the techniques of yoga to address specific conditions in an individual. These conditions can be physical, mental and/or spiritual, and often are a combination of all. A therapeutic yoga session can draw on different aspects of the individual: the body structure, emotional balance, chakras; elements of Ayurveda or lifestyle;  all depending on the needs of the particular student. We may also look at groups of individuals, designing large group classes for students with special needs.

In a therapeutic yoga session we give student the tools to manage their own health and well-being. Our participants find that using yoga as a therapeutic tool has very positive side effects, the whole being comes into a healthier state of balance. We see change in way that is unique to the individual. As a teacher I see the powerful shift in people that goes beyond an open class.

Learning therapeutic yoga isn’t just about becoming a better teacher, it is about students and individuals that want experience a more rewarding yoga practise and feel the deeper nature of the practice. This is the place where the real healing and transformation occurs.”

Yoga Training Experience
Currently: Teacher Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist
2010: Diploma of Satyananda Training, Mangove Ashram, Australia
Yoga for children and families
2005:  Yoga Alliance 500 Hour
2001:  Yoga Alliance 200 Hour

Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance U.S.