Project Description

Sharon Lightfoot

I am a passionate body/mind educator with an eagle eye for structural and energetic alignment. My Yoga practice is deeply rooted in the foundations of Patanjali’s Sutras and non-dual philosophy as illuminated by Dr Richard Miller’s iRest, Yoga Nidra.

I started Yoga in 1985, attending teacher training from senior Iyengar teacher, Felicity Green of Seattle from 1989-2000. I qualified as a Junior Intermediate Iyengar teacher in 1995. In 1996 I suffered a herniated disc; the result of extreme Yoga practice, which opened my mind and heart to evolve a more healthful approach to Yoga.

I developed the Yoga program for Unitec Performing Arts School from 1990-2000. I have taught at many organisations including Accident Compensation Corporation and the College of Education. During this time I studied postural theorists, Ida Rolf, Lulu Sweigard and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen that deal with structural alignment, visualization and organic integration. Workshops with both TKV and Menaka Desikachar have influenced my teaching of breath and movement.

In 2013 I became a certified Pilates Instructor and have worked for the last 3 years as an assistant to a top Physical Therapist, Suzanne Lynch of Sol Physical Therapy, Seattle. This experience has grounded me in the current research on spine health and rehabilitation, which I enjoy applying to Yoga Asana. Additionally, for the last two years I have taught Gentle Yoga and Well Being for the Multiple Sclerosis Centre of Swedish Hospital, Seattle.

I like to help students and teachers develop a clear, safe and insightful approach to Yoga practice.